Wisteria – Purple Rain of Sensuality

The wisterias are in blossom in my neighbourhood and I adore seeing this abundance of cascading flowers swaying in the breeze resembling violet-coloured waterfalls. The gentle softness of the wisteria flowers are betraying the climbing killer that lives underneath strangling anything in its way for the best spot to display its beauty in the sunlight.

A member of the pea family wisterias include 10 species that are native to North America and East Asia. They can grow to a height of 30 metres and are known to live up to 100 years. When visiting the Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi, Japan you will find a 143 year old Wisteria Tree among the many species displayed there.


There is much symbolism attached to this hardy vine including love, grace, endurance, longevity, creative expansion and victory over hardship. In Shin Buddhism wisterias with their low hanging blossoms are a symbol of prayer and sincere reverence to Amida Buddha.


Bridging history and cultures wisteria flowers have a symbolic connection to love in all its forms but the Japanese symbolism of love, sensuality, support, sensitivity, bliss and tenderness describes most closely the harmonising qualities of the flower essence remedy.

“In pale moonlight /
the wisteria’s scent /
comes from far away.”
Yosa Buson


Wisteria flower essence (Wisteria sinesis) is probably the one essence within the Australian Bush Flower Essences range that is not made from an Australian native plant. This essence is primarily a remedy for women that is addressing sexuality and sensuality but can be used in males wanting to get in touch with their gentler more feminine aspect of being. Consider a combination with Flannel Flower for balancing these aspects in men.

Combined with Fringed Violet, Wisteria flower essence will assist women to clear the emotional and physical scarring caused by sexual abuse or assault.

The remedy is included in the ABFE combination essences Sensuality, Sexuality and Face, Hand and Body.

© Annette Zerrenthin, 2013

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