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World Environment Day 2013, an exhibition in St Kilda

The gallery at St Kilda Town Hall is currently showing environmental themed works by local artists. Six of my close-up flower photographs were selected to be part of the show that launches on World Environment Day, 6th June 2013. My work highlights the minute details of flowers that are barely noticed in our daily lives […]

After life

In Autumn, when life has drained out of flowers, their seeds dispursed into the ground, I watch their bleached, frozen froms in nature. Each flower head a transient sculptural masterpiece, a three dimensional shadow play in monochrome. A reminder of the impermanence of  life. There are times when our old ways of being in the […]

Lifting the veil on Wild Carrot

Wild carrot Daucus carota is a flowering plant in the Apiaceae  (or Umbelliferae) family of mostly aromatic plants that include angelica, anise, caraway and parsley. These plants are known for their umbrella shaped flower head . Light and feathery, Wild carrot also named Queen Anne’s lace, bishops lace or bird’s nest graces meadows and gardens all over […]