Annette Zerrenthin

Diploma in Kinesiology, Archivist, GradDip Information Management, Professional Member of AIK

For many years I was searching for a life path that would integrate my interest in alternative health with my curiosity about the energetic structure of human beings and their connection to the seen and unseen dimensions of the world around us.

This interest brought me to study kinesiology as it promised to answer some of these questions.

Through my studies I have come to love the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and the psycho-spiritual meanings of the meridian system and its acupuncture points. It encouraged me to deepen my knowledge further by studying Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture or Advanced Energy Healing.

My love for nature and in particular flowers inspired my interest in the Australian Bush Flower essences and became a certified practitioner in 2009.

My clarity and insight is grounded by a daily meditation and yoga practice and I engage in ongoing personal development to better enable me to serve my clients.

On my photography and blog

The images on this website and blog combine my passion for macro photography, the healing powers of plants in particular flower essences.

Annette ZerrenthinThe flowers in my photos are mostly photographed in their natural environment using a handheld camera without the use of filters, sprayed water, flashlight or clamping to keep them from moving in the wind, as I believe artificial intrusions interfere with portraying the essence of a flower.

The lens of the camera serves as the mediator to our eye to make the barely seen visible, highlighting minute details and amplifying colour. Beyond what we can perceive with our eyes lies the world of healing properties of a plant and, beyond that, the subtle energy of flower essences that can be intuited by truly seeing a flower.