Grass Tree – ‘The Strength of the Patient Heroine’

Did you know that Australia has two genera of grass trees which interestingly bear distinct ‘male’ and ‘female’ features?

The Xanthorrhoea genus has a long spiked flower head while Kingia features egg-shaped clusters of flowers. Initially they were thought to be ‘male’ and ‘female’ species of the same plant as they bear superficial similarities when not in flower. Apart from the striking difference in their flower heads ‘Kingia and Xanthorrhoea are biologically quite distinct and are not closely related. For example, Xanthorrhoea have a secondary thickening meristem in the trunk (Dracaenoid secondary thickening meristem), whereas Kingia lack this feature.’ (Wikipedia)

I will write on Kingia today as the kind folks from Living Essences of Australia have made a flower essence from this uniquely Australian plant. Kingia is a genus of one species, Kingia australis, that is endemic to south-western Australia. Kingias can grow  up to 8 meters in height and they do so incredibly slowly, up to 1 1/2 cm pro year or about 1m in a century.

So, this specimen I’m standing next to in the Stirling Range is about 100+ years old.

Considering this slow growth, the makers of  Goddess Grasstree  flower essence aptly entitled the description of its qualities with ‘The Strength of the Patient Heroine’.

“For the maturing of the female principle or woman within. For both men and women a metamorphosis to inner strength, nurturing sensitivity, patience and loving wisdom that is not emotionally dependent. Helpful in releasing the feminine aspect into society.”


The feminine values are the fountain of bliss.
Know the masculine, Keep to the feminine. ~ Lao Tzu



The essence is used for physical imbalances of menstrual abnormalities and female hormone imbalances. These healing properties are similar to the Australian Bush Flower Essence She Oak.

For mind and emotions it can be used to support people with an underactive unbalanced feminine aspect who are unable to bring out their nurturing, compassionate or patient side or when it is overactive, tend to resort only to their emotions to deal with relationships.

The harmonising qualities of this essence are: mature, nurturing, patient, supportive and unconditional love.

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© 2013. Annette Zerrenthin

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