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Beyond the Seen – Photo Exhibition December 2012

If you live in or around Melbourne  you have the opportunity to see my flower photographs up close and framed  in a show called Beyond the Seen  at the Kallista Tearooms in the Dandenong Ranges  during December.  Many of  the photos I selected for the show are from my recent visit to the Stirling Range in Western Australia  and some photos you might recognise if you’ve been following my blog on flower essences.


“To be able to truly see, to become a seer, you must go behind the seen, then beyond.”
~ Mikio Sankey


Beyond the Seen is a series of photographs inspired by the intricate worlds hidden within a flower, and was created during my travels through Germany and Australia in 2012. The flowers have been photographed in their natural environment using a handheld camera without the use of filters, sprayed water, flashlight or clamping to keep them from moving in the wind, as I believe artificial intrusions interfere with portraying the essence of a flower.

The difficult process of selecting images for the show

In the process of selecting images for the show

The lens of the camera serves as the mediator to our eye to make the barely seen visible, highlighting minute details and amplifying colour. Beyond what we can perceive with our eyes lies the world of healing properties of a plant and, beyond that, the subtle energy of flower essences that can be intuited by truly seeing a flower. Yet, in our hurried lives when even the seen world has become unnoticed, how can we still our minds and move into our hearts to become receptive again of the seen and then beyond?

My intention for the show is that these photographs  may inspire us to become more curious about the small worlds that surround us and awaken our senses to those that lie beyond the seen.

Listen to the interview (in German) discussing the exhibition with the SBS German Language program broadcast in December 2012.

Kallista Tearooms
103 Monbulk Road
Kallista Vic
Ph:  03 97552659
Open: daily    8am – 5pm
 Exhibition dates: 1- 31 December 2012

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