Boronia – Reset Your Mind To Clarity


This week, a friend introduced me to the St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Co-operative in Port Melbourne. The nursery offers seedlings and plants of a wide range of coastal, heathland, woodland and grassland species that are native to the Melbourne area.

The pictured boronia (Boronia muelleri) seedling greeted me with a cascade of pink and white flowers. Boronias are native to Australia with around 100 or so different species. The genus is named after Francesco Borone, an eighteenth-century Italian botanist.

As a flower essence Boronia (Boronia ledifolia)  helps people to resolve obsessive and stuck thought patterns into clarity. For me, the signature of the flower with its four open petals symbolises a clear, focused and open mind. It supports a serene and quiet mind allowing us to get out of our heads, become aware of our bodies and to connect to our hearts.  It can be used to intensify focus in creative visualisation and guided meditation.

You can take the flower essence to clear your mind after a busy day at work leaving your thoughts behind at the door when going home or to turn off the dialogue in your head before you go to sleep.

Boronia assists us when a relationship has broken up and we can’t stop thinking about the lost partner, particularly when we feel hurt and sad. In this case, you could combine Boronia with Bottlebrush essence to be able to release the past and move forward. For long term grief and sadness combine with Sturt Desert Pea.

Boronia, Bottlebrush and Sturt Desert Pea essences are available in the Australian Bush Flower Essence range.

© 2013. Annette Zerrenthin

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