Blackberry – In any way you like


Blackberries are one of my favourite foods and on my recent visit to Germany it was just the beginning of the season for me to enjoy the first freshly picked berries from my mother’s garden.

Apart from being delicious, blackberries are high in antioxidants such as anthocyanins and phenolics topping raspberries, blueberries, spinach or broccoli in the list of antioxidant foods. The fruit can be preserved in jellies, conserves, liqueur, wine or syrup or eaten fresh as in this recipe of Peach-Blackberry Compote with Basil Syrup.


The leaves, containing more vitamin C than the berries, can be drunk as a fermented tea to support the immune system. Chewing fresh blackberry leaves can help to treat bleeding gums due to their tannin constituents. A naturopath may use blackberry root for the treatment of diarrhoea, fever, regulating menstruation and purifying the blood.


‘The power of intention is the power to manifest, to create, to live a life of unlimited abundance, and to attract into your life the right people at the right moments.’ ~ Wayne Dyer


Blackberry flower essence from the Flower Essence Society supports competent manifestation in the world, clearly directing forces of will and intentional and decisive action.  It is indicated for those people who have many ideas but are unable to manifest those onto the earth plane. While having great intentions, they lack the ability to organise their thoughts into specific priorities and then execute their goals into manifestation.

“Such persons often have a great deal of light around the head, which does not radiate and circulate properly throughout the body. The blood is often sluggish, as is the entire lower metabolism. As the light comes more into the limbs, the soul feels greater inner power to take real action in the world and to translate what is spiritual into actual change in the world. Blackberry flower essence bestows this radiant, awakened light to the will-life of the human soul.” (Flower Essence Society on Blackberry flower essence)

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