It’s Spring in Melbourne and the sky blue of just flowering Forget-Me-Not’s greeted me on my walk through the St Kilda Botanic gardens this week.

Originating from Northern Europe, the genus Myosotis has about 50 species and is widely distributed across the globe. The plant is known across many countries and languages as ‘Forget-Me-Not’ … called ‘Vergissmeinnicht’ in German, ‘Ne M’oubliez pas’ in French and ‘Wu Wang Cao’ in Chinese.

In folklore, Forget-me-not’s are related to faithful love. The flower was adopted by Henry IV as an emblem when going into exile in 1398 and on his return the following year retained the symbol.

When feeling lonely, isolated or lacking awareness of a spiritual connection to others Forget-me-not flower essence can be of emotional support to us. It inspires awareness of karmic connections in personal relationships and with those in the spiritual world. It guides us toward greater love for the human family, and greater awareness of the incredible depth, beauty, and possibility of soul-based relationships. The essence is part of the Flower Essence Society (FES) range.

© 2013. Annette Zerrenthin

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